Some places have detected my ip as proxy

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bigplay asked 3 years ago

I did an proxy check here, but your site didn't detect a proxy in my computer or browser. I throughly checked my pc to find out if any form of proxy was enabled and i stopped all proxy services even in lan settings.

But at a certain gpt site it detected that i used a proxy, and i didn't. Though i did use a router. But i don't use proxys. I'm able to log in now at the gpt. And some gpt offers have detected my old ips as proxy ips, they were changed through router only, not proxy.

Why do some places say i use proxy ip? And how can i make sure that all proxys are disabled in my pc and browser, i use windows 8 by the way.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question bigplay.

Is the IP you used to post here the same one that others are detecting as a proxy or did this post come from a work IP or something?

The reason I ask is because some smaller ISP's have more subscribers then IP addresses so they use a sort of a proxy to allow multiple users on a single IP. The IP you posted from is registered to a smaller then many ISP though they do seem to be growing rapidly.

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