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ashagg asked 3 years ago

Hi all,

I have a strange problem...

Everytime I refresh, I see a different IP. If I SSH I see a different IP ..

[Edit] A different website [/Edit] always sees my IP as a static one but that IP never shows up anywhere else...

All IP's are from the same /24 so I believe my ISP is using some kind of IP pool to send out requests randomly...

Is my theory correct ? Is there a way to circumvent this and get a unique IP for the duration of the whole session.. maybe a day?

Some sites authorize use based on IP and in my case they just don't work ..

Any help is appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi ashagg,

Thanks for your question.

The code that detects your IP on the other site that you use may not dig as deep as our code does. We process your entire connection to us and decipher what's given to determine your current IP.

You're correct that your ISP is probably using IPs from the same pool for all connections under their control. This is not an unusual process but it's not common across all ISPs.

For sites that authorize based on IP, most would allow for something like 123.123.123.* where the first three octets would always be the same with only the last octet being different.

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