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sweeney3744 asked 3 years ago

So there are 3 iPhones, 2 computers, and 1 xbox in my house and all 6 have the same IP address... When I type "what's my IP" in google, it gives me the same IP as all the other devices... Anybody haava solution?

P.S. I'm setting up a minecraft server for my friends to join, but I don't think my public IP is right!  😕

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question sweeney3744.

The IP Address you get when you visit our home page is your External IP. Because there are a limited number of External IP's available, you need to share that IP Address among the devices you want to connect to the Internet from you specific location. That's where a Router comes in.

A Router uses a technology called Network Address Translation aka NAT. NAT allows the Router to track which devices on your Local Area Network or LAN have requested what information from the Internet and forwards the correct information to the appropriate device. For example if you are visiting this Forum and someone else is shopping on Amazon, it sends all of the text and graphics from our Forum to your computer and all of the text and graphics from Amazon to the other computer. To accomplish this, the router is usually setup to assign Internal IP Addresses to the computers on the LAN using a technology called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP.

So in the end, you are seeing the External IP of the devices and they will all be the same. The Internal IP Addresses will all be different but on the same subnet such as 192.168.1.???.

To see your Internal IP Address, go to a Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd > Enter) and type "ipconfig" and hit Enter.

To setup the Minecraft Server, you need to forward the port Minecraft uses through the Router to the Internal IP Address of the Minecraft Server. Then, when others visit your external IP through Minecraft, they will be connected to the Minecraft Server.

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