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terry boarts asked 3 years ago

This is my first post, so if it not correct, bear with me. I have just started using a router, D-Link DSL 2740R, (via TalkTalk). I'm unable to use "file to file" software called Shareaza, I get a message that I'm behind a firewall and am unable to connect to the internet. However I do connect, but downloads are very very slow. I've connected to the router via its IP address and changed the firewall to disable and the DMZ to "on" and entered my IP address but nothing seems to have changed. MY downloads are as before. My Norton Internet Security antivirus software has also been set up for Shareaza. I have even uninstalled Norton but nothing has improved my downloads. Can anyone help, I'm tearing my hair out and there's not much left.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Terry,

When you download other files like winzip, or something like winzip from, do you get favorable speeds or are they the same as this file sharing program? Is there a help file available for the software?

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