Setting up Apache on an old comp

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xdpirate asked 3 years ago

Sup yo, I have an old laptop that I installed Apache on, to use it as a web server.

Thing is, when I try to access it from another PC on my network, all I get is the page with my router settings, and if I try to access it from outside the network, it simply times out.

Any ideas?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Try giving it a static IP on your LAN if you haven't already. For example, assign it 192.168.x.2. Then when accessing it from another computer, you'll need to do http://192.168.x.2
If you've done this already and it's still not working, there may be a firewall setting on the apache machine preventing from letting any traffic in.
Make sure you can access it internally first.
Once you know it's working and you can access it, simply forward port 80 in your router to the static IP you give the apache machine...192.168.x.2. Then if you try and access it from the outside, it should work. If it doesn't your ISP may block port 80 so you'll have to do work around for that....and we can show you how....just give us an update of your progress.

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