Setting up a game server for Jack 6

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Don EPPERSON asked 3 years ago

The game is Jack 6 (which is a contract Bridge card game). It asks for the IP address which I suppose is the PC’s (tried to routers, but the game says it can’t connect) and a port which defaults to 2000. The client needs to enter my IP address and the port. I show I am connected to the Internet waiting for clients, but the clients PC cannot find me?
I am able connect the two PC's on the Lan, set the game server first using the PC's IP address and any port (4 digits) ... then set the client to the game server's IP address and same ... it works great ... just not sure how to get connected through the router.
I have set up two port forwarding's one for FTP port 20 start & 21 stop and one for HTTP port 80 start & end both point to the server PC's IP address ...
Then, not sure what to do, I set my game server to its PC address, but what port do I use? It only recognizes ports 4 digits in length.
Not sure what to do next ...

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question kemo56.

I assume you are wanting the server to be available to people on the Internet.

You said you forwarded Ports 20, 21 and 80 to the servers IP address. Did the server setup instructions ask you to forward those ports?? If so, make sure that you used the Internal IP of the server.

You would also need to forward the 4 digit port number you used on the server, You said default port 2000.

Then you may need to setup on internal NAT-loopback in your router for you to access the server from inside your network using your external IP. Some routers have it built in and others require it to be setup manually.

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