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DecalManOfWar asked 4 years ago

Im useing a "Netgear Rangemax Wireless Router Model # WPN824v3". I Have a Xbox360, PS3, and 2 Computers running from it. I know how to set Default DMZ Server to 1 device at at time, but im wondering if its possiable to open the router up so all devices can get through the DMZ without having to manually change it whenever I want to switch between my devices.

Basically I want to DMZ everything. Its there a specific ip to use in the server box?

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TekTek answered 4 years ago

Most consumer routers tend to only let one device be in the DMZ at a time.

Putting all of your devices into the "DMZ" is highly unrecommended. You would be exposing your entire network. Now that might not be to bad for a PS3 or an XBOX but security wise for your PC's not the best recommendation.

I would suggest following the manufacturer's instructions for setting the devices to static ip's (local network) and configuring port forwarding for the services that each device needs. Most routing products make it even easier by providing an already configured port forwarding scheme for common applications or devices. So you could just select XBOX360 in the port forwarding section (normally has a subsection for applications).

Hope that is a little helpful.

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