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belzebut asked 3 years ago

I want setting my Iphone application "Home Camera" and I don't how can find my SERVER IP ADRESS and SERVER STREAMING PORT.Can help me please?

Hi all,I am new here,from italy.I want configure one application on my Iphone,Homecamera and I need put on IP adress and Server streaming port.How can find this "server streaming port"?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I've merged your two threads, please try not to create more than one thread for a single topic.

What software are you using? Does the software's manual show a default port? Check the server's IP with ipconfig (if windows) from the command line, and try it with your iPhone over your local network. If that works, then you can start trying to get it to work from the web if you like.

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