Server 08R2 Front End networking probs (FIXED)

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korsen asked 4 years ago

ok so what i'm trying to accomplish is getting my server to be a front end for my network. i'm doing all this to learn from experience so I don't know alot of things.

Modem -> Server / Server -> Netgear WGR614v9 -> Rest of network

I already have AD DS, DNS, and DHCP roles installed. DHCP is green, I guessed on DNS and the forward lookup zone has both NIC IP's in there under Host(A) on (same as parent folder) which there is none, and my Nic->Netgear address on Tower(comp name). Reverse lookup zone has Nic->Netgear address. My netgear has obtain DHCP/DNS automatically (which shows it's receiving the IP's I set) and my NIC->Modem is automatically obtained until I can set my ISP service to DDNS. My NIC->Netgear IP is,, with 1.100 as DNS server (i'm guessing the gateway is wrong but i'm not sure what to put).

I'm eventually going to install Exchange server, and ISA server so keep that in mind.

From Netgear->Network I can ping the network computer, the netgear, and the nic supporting the netgear. Apparently the DNS works slightly because pinging google finds it's IP address but doesn't connect to it. From the Server I CANNOT ping the router. It has an option to respond to internet ping requests which is off, but I have not tested pinging the netgear with that option on.

I'm basically entirely confused at this point. I want the server basically to filter traffic and scan for viruses etc. It's a powerful rig so there shouldn't be any problems overloading it.

Hopefully your help will be enough.

EDIT: Last post contains fix info.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

So basically your server machine is acting as the router, since it connects to the modem. The netgear is an access point and switch.

First - have you made sure you turned off DHCP on the netgear, and are NOT using the "Internet" port at all?

Do you have RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) installed on the server? You didn't mention it and your server will not route network traffic to the internet without it.

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