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rcf1 asked 4 years ago

Hi all!
new here
I have a simple question I think is it possible to send an e-mail to an ip address without knowing the peoples e-mail address? and if so how?
A friend of mine told me this was possible but did not explain how
thank you

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

this sounds impossible

maybe if you have already received an email from this person and need to match the IP to an address, it would be possible

but even then, you are sending the email to an email address

wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Well sort of.

I suppose you could do something like [email protected] which equates to [email protected]

However, I believe the mail server would be set to look at the entire address before it delivered to the appropriate user.

I'm sure you've got more than one email address....if you don't, go to gmail or yahoo and create one then test it out. It'll either work or it won't. 😀

rcf1 answered 4 years ago

Hi all
thanks for your replys thus far something to consider,,,I have received e-mails from who knows who and addressed to other people at my e-mail addy.I do not know the receipant at my address,,,
my thought is that some one had send there message to my IP ADDY, do u guys follow me?
thanks again

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