Steve Sagaro asked 3 years ago

If I am having a one to one text or video conversation on FB, Twitter or any other chat site how secure is this ?
That is can anyone else eavesdrop on this conversation or link ?

Best wishes. Steve.

1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

It's getting less and less private all the time, IMO. Remember, Facebook, Twitter, these are called "Social Networking" sites. The companies that run these site assume that sharing and open communication are what you want.

The communications protocols that run video and voice chat (VoIP, etc), they aren't built to secure the conversation. Only to maximize network efficiency at best quality. So yes, a "man in the middle" could potentially pull out the traffic, decide it, and see/listen to the conversation. It's not easy. Part of the nature of the underlying Internet protocol, TCP/IP, is that every packet decides for itself what path it takes from source to destination. So if that man in the middle isn't "close" to one side or the other, he or she could miss a significant number of packets and obtain only gibberish.

But is it possible? Yes.

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