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elway asked 4 years ago

hello all, i can't get security dvr video to upload (remote viewing ) thru my linksy
befsr41 router . video will stream without the router, computer connected right to modem. my normal configuration is ,modem, router, 3 computers connected to the internet thru the router. if i connect the dvr to the 4 port on the router it can down load,not upload ,i can share files and printer with the computers.
don't have manual or cd for the router any more found nothing about this on there web site any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Try putting the computer in the DMZ in the router. This will essentially be the same as connecting the modem straight to the computer. If you are then able to upload video, then you're problem is a port being blocked. You'll need to determine what port the software is using and forward that port via the router to the computer. Forward the port, take the computer out of the DMZ and test.

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