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ron351 asked 3 years ago

New here, and searched a couple days looking for answers, finally stooped to ask because I couldn't find answers.
I have a modem, connected to a wired/wireless router with 4 wired ports and one wired port goes to a 8 port switch which gives me 11 wired connections.
I am running 3 laptops "wireless" 2 desktops "wired"
a PS3 "wireless" and DVR security camera "wired"
Now, how in the world can I find the DVR ip address?
In the router I see the MAC address but it don't show the IP address.
Only the usual 3 4 5 6 and so on.
I want to get the DVR so family can view the exterior of the house if they want, and the easiest I can think of is to open the port to the IP address and not the usual inside beind the router IP address.
Any suggestions for finding the IP address of the dvr would sure be appreciated. The one that is the real ip address like or whatever.
I find it a big pain when it comes to making my dvr available outside in the net world.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Can you find a list of DHCP clients or LAN stats? That should have your used up IPs, at least with most routers.

Also, see if you can set a DHCP reservation so the DVR IP doesn't change--- even better set the IP info manually in the DVR.

Then you can do your port forwarding and get to it from the outside.

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