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aasd asdw asked 4 years ago


I would like to set up some secure tunnel. Something like:

Internet- -DSL-[Office] (((.wifi-[Home]

So, I have computer in my office running on a DSL (router) and I need to acces it via VNC and SocksCap (Socks Puppet on Office's PC). But I don't know if it's secure to do it just without any security measures (so far I found some SSH or PuTTY things, but don't really get them).

Basically, I need SocksCap to be able to browse the Internet with the office's IP. And VNC to control that same PC.

I'm not sure if I'll use wifi ISP or microwave ISP yet (Btw, which one is better/safer/stabiler?)

Thanks for any ideas.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Does your work have a VPN server?

You could VPN in to your office server and then once on their network, RDP to your work desktop.

There could be other methods of connecting securely. Can you tell me what you're wanting to accomplish by doing this? Might be able to give you better advise if we can see the big picture.

aasd asdw answered 4 years ago

Yes I can put anything in to my work PC.

I also have access to the network (or router). It's like private office...

Why I want it like this is that I don't trust my (future) wifi provider enought to do my work directly via them. I guess they have shared IP (with lot of people on it) and I also need public IP. Who knows if the aren't sniffing stuffs ...
Second problem is that I have only those two ISP in my home area.

Accessing online sites, + bank accounts (which I don't like to access from any ISP, especially wifi) etc...
(Plus surfing in free time, and/or playing multiplayer games - not sure if I can play on shared IP, I had it once before and one user did spam stuff and after that I was logged as spammer too)

I'm not sure how laggy it would be though, but I hope not too much. I tried VPN+SocksCap set up and it was quite fine (but not secured).

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