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thakurbhai asked 4 years ago

Hi people,

Please help me ! I am using proxy for my Internet ! In Mozilla Firefox !

I have make it to all protocols for using proxy !

Everything Working fine ! Proxy is enable on FTP, HTTP, SSL, etc.

But, I want to know that how can I run my server on proxy ?

Actually, I want to run my server on any proxy. Like then I will be able to play China Players and all in their countries.

But, I am getting problems. Its not using proxy.

My Mozilla is using proxy through for all protocols.

But, my server shows IP, i.e, my Internal IP.

I am using Easy Hide IP software and I am setting in Firefox because my proxy software is running on

So please help !

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

You need to put in the local IP of the machine running the proxy server, or simply install that same software onto the server that you have on the other machine that works.

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