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pier6363 asked 4 years ago

First of all, hi to all here.
Short and sweet, here's the problem i am facing.
Business case:
My company (based in Poland) is made of a head office and a branch, the business case here is a very trivial one: I need a need a copule of colleagues based in the branch (where they have their small company network) to access the company network in the head office.
I am thinking about a simple VPN to be set so that they can access to our head office network.

Our ISP provided us with the following:
1) DSL connection
2) static IP address to our router
3) the router they gave us is a Thomson Speedtouch 608 WL (Wireless & ethernet router, with inbuilt DSL modem to connect it straight to the wall socket for the DSL tel. line)
Has to be said that this router is itself capable to configure and manage VPN, but the ISP (for their policy) disabled this functionality (and a lot more, by the way). In short, it looks like I won't get that router to be configured for my VPN needs.

My attempted solutions: I have bought a second router, namely a DrayTech Vigor 2920n (it's again a wireless / ethernet router, which only has 2 WAN out ports RJ45 (so I believe it does not have inbuilt DSL modem capability, but i could be wrong on this).

So, this is what i did:
1) try to get rid of the "handcuffed router" and replace it with mine.
I tried to get rid of the Thomson router and just connect my DrayTech (with a DSL modem) to the DSL line, and configured the Draytech router to present itself to the WAN having assigned the MAC address of the "official router", in the hope that my ISP would think it is their router to show up, and would let it be accepted and taken on board, that is, everything would be up & running. No way... i can't get the internet connection in this way).
Not sure if I'll ever ask more questions on this attempt, I prefer to "invest" in the second scenario i have on my mind:

and here's the question, at last!

Is there any way I can keep the "official" router connected (the Speedtouch, where i would disable its wireless and DHCP), so it'll be there and my ISP will see what it wants to see and let me have the internet connection, but connect to one of the ports of this router (with a RJ45 cable) the DrayTech one (with Wireless and DHCP enabled, so it would take in charge all the hosts of our network) and..

1) have the internet connection working? ( I tried this but i couldn;t make it work, whilke at LAN level all was pretty fine)
2) given that we make it to have the Internet connection working (finally), would the DrayTech be able to make me create this VPN I need (even if it would be "behind" the Speedtouch router)?

Hope the above was clear enough for those who had the patience to read it all, and thanks beforehand to whoever will be so kind to come back to me.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question pier6363.

Without writing a book, you should be able to turn off the DHCP in the second router and not use the WAN or Internet port. Activate the VPN in the second router and tell the first router to allow the VPN passthrough.

Have you contacted the ISP to see if they will allow access to the VPN section of the primary router?

[edit] You should be aware that to make a successful VPN connection, the two locations need to be on different subnets. For example, if their both on things may not connect as you wish especially if both routers are on the same address, usually

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