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ronjal asked 3 years ago

I need to retrieve my IP address from my second residence, when I am not at that address. Any suggestions? If I let my neighbor log on to my router, can he then use "whatsmyip" to find out my address?
Thank you in advance.

Ron Lysik

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

There are a few solutions including allowing your neighbor to connect to your router, visiting our site and reporting the result to you.

If you are trying to use some kind of remote connection to check alarm status or connect to surveillance cameras, you could try a dynamic dns service. They would track your IP changes and update a domain name with the DNS changes.

JimC answered 3 years ago

What are you trying to accomplish (why do you need the IP address)?

One solution for accessing a PC when you're away without needing to know the IP address (or using something like Dynamic DNS from is TeamViewer.

It works behind routers, and uses the TeamViewer servers to establish a connection using a unique id for each PC it's installed on (no need to have it's IP address), then the connection becomes peer to peer after it's established.

It's also cross platform (Windows, OS X, Linux). So, I can remote control a Windows PC from one running Linux or vice-versa (and I use both Windows and Linux and setup my PCs that way, so I can take a laptop running Linux with me and remote control one of my desktops running Windows or desktops running Linux from it).

It's free for personal use, and even if you were not trying to find a solution for remote control of a PC, you could install it on a PC, access it remotely, and get the external IP assigned to it by accessing this site at (versus getting a neighbor to do it for you), or by logging into your router to get it after establishing a remote session with a PC at that location.

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