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douclind asked 3 years ago

I manage an XP pc (with XP PRO SP2) and a separate IP weather webcam 40 miles away that uploads weather info to our flying club website. The PC gets its connection via a DSL modem/wifi router with a dynamic IP. I port forward from the router to the webcam and to the PC for remote desktop.

So if the router gets a new wan IP I have to drive out to the field to find it out. The club isn't going to pay for a dynamic dns service. I think that would be ridiculous anyway. All I need is the IP that's sitting right there on the router.

My thought was to have a program running that would output the router's wan ip to a text file and have the weather software (which runs on the PC) routinely ftp it to our web host.

I thought I could use ping like so:
ping -r 1>ip.txt
and have it periodically execute via a scheduler. Ping -r will output more than the router ip but that's no problem.

The wx software could upload ip.txt and I could access it whenever I needed it. But ping -r won't run on that PC for some reason. ping runs with no options but not ping -r. It just gives me 4 timeouts. I have no idea why. I'm not a networking guru.

So here I am on this forum hoping someone smarter than I am can help me figure something out. I either need a program that can output the IP or someone to help me figure why ping with the "r" option times out.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question douclind.

Not sure why ping -r isn't working. But we've got what you need.

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