Request for location updates for IP

eugene reyes asked 10 months ago

ip2location already updated to HK geolocation for and on what is my ip page it is still not updated

7 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Eugene. We get a new database with updates from them once per month. As soon as we apply the new updates, our site should show the new information.

eugene reyes answered 9 months ago

your records seems still not updated. IP 2 location database already updated the geolocation of both and to HK

wimiadmin Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Eugene. IP2Location released a new update today. We should have that installed in the next few days so our information should be updated along with what their site shows.

Md. Rustam Ali answered 9 months ago

Hi, ip2location updated my whois Database. But i can't find any of  my IP geo & host info in What is my problems?

wimiadmin Staff answered 9 months ago

Are you using our lookup tool?

When did ip2location update? We get a new database from them monthly. If they've updated your info recently, it may not be in the new database for May. It will most likely be updated on our site with the June database.

eugene reyes answered 8 months ago

Hi wimiadmin.
your webtools still doesnt show the correct information on both IP block and . 
IP 2location released their updated records since March of this year. 

wimiadmin Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Eugene. If the updated data isn’t included in the update we receive, then we’re not going to show current info. Again, when we receive the updated data, it will show on our site.

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