Remote Access Over Internet through Public Static IP or TeamViewer/Loginme In ?

nshetty asked 2 years ago

I have got small office. I would like to access that office computer from home.
What would be best method of access,,,

1. Buy a Public static IP and configure the router to access that PC through that using Remote Desktop
2. User application like Team Viewer or Logme in VPN connection.

Which is most secure method of access?

2 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 2 years ago

The most secure way would be to set up a good VPN server. Log into the VPN, then use Remote Desktop.

Logmein and TeamViewer are great tools, but I will never run them on my machines permanently. Technically, the companies offering the service can gain control of your machine any time they like. Same thing goes for a hacker who might penetrate their security.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 2 years ago

Just about all home and small business routers provide some form of VPN option. Might be worth checking that out, or even looking into software.

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