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imjustme asked 3 years ago

I have been working on my ex's computer for a few days now. (her comp was infected with thinkpoint) Her computer wasn't able to boot up or anything. I made a linux disc to repair it and remove the infections with dr web. There were a couple infections that could not be cured. My ex is not patient and before getting instructions she clicked delete all. I had her just bring me the computer instead of trying to tell her what to do over the phone. Long story short I have all the infections removed "I checked with a full scan using malwarebytes" The infections seem to be gone but the regestries are still messed up. I got the task manager to start working by changing the value in regedit. However the windows installer is going beserk anytime i click on any folder it starts running. I downloaded hijackthis and did a scan then i put a copy of the log scan into an analyser the results came back with about 6 or 7 red x's "bad registries" The directions said to select all the regestries with a red x and click "fix" but "fix" ='s delete I dont like to mess with registries especially since its not even my computer .. I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on what to do. Is it safe to delete these?? Someone please help I can give you a copy of the registries scan if that would help.

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imjustme answered 3 years ago

I also just wanted to note that when I click on anything such as , control panel , my pictures, my downloads etc.. it says windows is configuring search settings v1.2.3 then it says the feature that I am trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available then it says insert search settings v123 disc and click "ok" Is this caused by regestry errors or can I just simply reinstall it, and if so, does anyone know a good link that I can use to redownload it? Thanks in advance.

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