Real ISP Speeds?

heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

I think the internet speed test is geared specifically for that instead of reflecting the speed you really get from your ISP when you look at video or audio or download a file.

Mine is:

Download Speed: 9388 kbps (1173.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2996 kbps (374.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

That may be true but it is living in a dream world compared to the speed I really get when I look at video or audio or download a file.

What is there stopping any ISP from documenting all the popular speed test sites and put protocols on those requests so that the test gets full unimpeded priority pass through?

I think you guys could improve on any speed test by actually giving the tester a real download file full of 0's or whatever. Then they save the file. Then the tester selects to browse files and sends that same file back by upload.

Also offer different file types of generic content like .wmv, .mp3, .flv and test the send receive speed on each one and document the speed of those compared to a large .txt then it would be clearer to see if any particular file type is being jammed and throttled or given priority.

That will show your real speed because it avoids anything an ISP might be doing to give online speed tests lightning fast priority. If you send and save a real file the only way the ISP could max that out is to max out your connection constantly instead of possibly doing it to selected test sites or selected content.

Just what kind of file or whatever is being moved back and forth with this function anyway:

Internet Speed Test

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

You're actually "downloading" a .jpg file.

The test determines what type of connection you have in the beginning, then selects the size .jpg file to send to you to run the test.

Ideally, you'll choose the server to test against that is geographically closest to you.

Keep in mind the further the server is away, the slower the speed.

Type of file does matter as well, like you've stated.

Also, certain companies pay for more bandwidth so your download speed will naturally be faster. Download a file from vs. downloading a file from AVG. MS will probably be faster.

We actually didn't build the speed test platform. We bought it from a third party. It's by far the second most popular page on our site with the home page being the most popular. 😀

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