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Redhead asked 3 years ago

I have DSL, but I mainly use my laptop for wireless internet. I have the modem/router connection. If I hook up my second laptop will it have the same or different IP? If it is the same, can I change my IP on one of the laptops without being traceable? I did the steps to see if I had a internal or external IP and I have internal.

What is the difference between a proxy and a vpn? If I go with a VPN will I still be traceable. Like will it show my original IP or name?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Redhead.

If you connect 1 laptop or 10 laptops to the same Wifi or wired internet connection, they'll all share the same external IP.

You can change the internal IP, but that won't help hide your external IP.

Using a proxy, you risk your external IP not being hidden based on what type of connection it uses. If you just want to browse while private, Proxify does a very good job of this. Just keep in mind that sites can recognize the fact that you're coming through a proxy and may deny your connection.

A VPN is a network outside of your own. So it's like you're physically going to someone elses house and connecting to their internet. The VPN system we recommend is VyprVPN
and they've got a special going now for users of WIMI. If you sign up for a VyprVPN Pro
account, you'll get $5 off the price for life.

Just keep in mind that using either method in an attempt to hide your IP, somewhere down the line you can still be traceable (log files mainly). Although not as easily traceable, it's still possible.

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