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Megadanxzero asked 4 years ago

We currently have a wireless router downstairs in our house, but we now have a bunch of things upstairs which we want to connect to the internet as well. I already have a long cable going upstairs to my PC, but rather than having another 2 cables going all the way upstairs I thought I'd just get a 2nd router for upstairs.

The only thing I'm wondering is if a 2nd router is likely to interfere with the first one and mess up our connection at all, especially the wireless signal. Would a 2nd wireless router be fine? Would a wireless router with the wireless disabled be better, or should I just try and find a wired-only router (They seem to be more expensive for some reason)? Or would even a wired router not be a good idea?

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it! :3

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question Megadanxzero.

The single wire to the upper level will be adequate if it's at least a cat5e or cat 6. If it's just a cat5 with no e, it will have limited bandwidth for connecting multiple device. It will work but will be slower the the cat5e or cat6.

As for another Router, I would add a network switch for the upper level, not a router. If you NEED wireless up there, I would add an Access Point up there.

You can use a router but you will either need to turn off the DHCP server in it and not use the WAN or Internet port OR use it as you would usually install a router but it will need to be on a different subnet (192.168.1.xx is the most common subnet. To make a non-conflicting subnet use something like 192.168.2.xx or 192.168.5.xx on the second router if you leave the DHCP server enabled) and it will not be able to communicate with devices on the lower level network.

As far as the wifi signal interfering with each other, they can, depending on how close they are together. This utility from nirsoft will tell you what wifi signals are available and what channel they are on. I recommend having the channels at leas 2 channels apart for best performance, for example use channels 3 and 5 or 9 and 11 but as far away from neighbors channels as you can be.

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