Question : static IP, can it be same for 2 computers

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Velocity_186 asked 3 years ago

Dear Admin,
I used what is my IP since 3 years , but today is the first time i got into the forum.
Actually i needed some experts help so dropped by
I use NEOBUX which i a well known PTC site which only allows unique IP addresses to view ads , no same IP address are allowed
Now my problem arised when i changed my ISP
previously i had dynamic IP, i never faced problems while viewing any ads , but since the new connection has static IP, i cannot do anything to change it .
Now since 2 days i have been shown a msg that " SOMEBODY HAS VIEWED THE ADS WITH YOUR IP IN LAST 24 HOURS " this means somebody has the same IP as i do.

is this really possible admin, i dont use any proxy
is it really possible for two connections to have same IP, whenever i perform a check at WIMI it shows the same IP :
Now how can i know if somebody is using the same ip
pls help me brain

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Your problem is that your new IP with the new ISP is static and not dynamic. You'll have to call the ISP and tell them you want a dynamic IP.

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