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Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago

The question is VPN vs Proxies and what protection of privacy we got in both cases due the cookies and javascript necessary by some sites.Those last two are required for most sites like refer.
And the problem of hops , that can viewed in some cases?
Cheap anonymity software seems work not well with them . Seems obvious no?
To conclude :
VPN or Non Transparent Proxy?
Best Attitude with cookies and Java?
ISP of cable Modem TV or DSL phone copper line or 3G HSPDA USB Pens?

Thank you for your patient

Kindly regards caralhete

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

My opinion is that VPN is probably a little safer then proxy because you are usually connecting to a system you know. Most of the anonymous proxies out there are shady at best, probably selling the data they collect on you. Subscription services like are probably reasonably secure but I personally prefer using VPN because I always know the system I am connecting to.

As far as cookies go, I specifically block all third party cookies. They are the ones that seem to generate the most popups and my internet cache and cookies are automatically deleted when I close my browser. I also NEVER store passwords on a computer. Java, I'm up in the air about. It has some very good uses but can also be used to do some very bad things on websites. My best advice is to stay away from sites that are "shady". I use a hosts file that is sixteen thousand lines long to aid me in preventing sites that are known to host malicious software from loading on my computer. Of course I also avoid all porn and hacker sites and only download from trusted sites.

The type of ISP you have is mostly irrelevant to security. They are all subject to attack and unauthorized access with wireless being a little less secure then a wired connections.

In the end, there is really no such thing as complete anonymity or security on the internet.

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