Question about my IP and a gaming issue I am having

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JediChunk asked 4 years ago

I currently play a few MMORPGs and one of them, Perfect World, I have not logged into for a while. I have made no changes to my network or router and am unable to connect to their servers because their system is saying that the IP I have is a proxy. This same issue is occurring with the other game I am playing, Dungeons and Dragons Online, but the issue with this one is that the IP is not showing up where my bank account is located. Even though I do a GeoIP check and it shows up in the same city I am in. My question is how do I fix my IP so that I am able to connect to the one game and also so it will fix the issue with me using my bank account to purchase the points for the other.
My ip adrress is
I am using a linsys wrt110 wireless router.
If there is any other info needed please let me know.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

You'll need to call Comcast and ask if they have you going through a proxy. I can't imagine why you would be going through a proxy.

If Comcast says no, then see if you can get in contact with the people that run the servers where your games are played and ask them what proxy they see attached to your IP. Perhaps their detection is inaccurate.

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