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Heartburnkid asked 3 years ago

On my work email, which is, I have been receiving a bunch of random emails that someone signed me up for. (Insurance, car quotes, etc) it looks like they signed up through some random site that then goes ahead and adds you to their mailing list and now I am bombarded with garbage mail. Is there a way for me to find out who the person was that signed me up by ip address? I am not smart with this stuff but just want to know if it is possible. If they are just going to a random page and putting my info in, is there any way of finding them? Please and thanks.

I looked it up via header and the ip reverts to some random business. I know for sure someone is directing them to me since the mail invites have insulting names directed at me. If I pass this off to it at work, would they be able to find the person (probably a coworker) or am I screwed?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Heartburnkid,

Great question!

Is your email address published anywhere online? To find out, go to your favorite search engine and search for your email address. If it's published online, you can contact the website owners and ask them to remove your email address.

Have you signed up for anything using your work email address? Some places you sign up will sell your data.

In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act anyone mailing out bulk email must offer a legitimate unsubscribe link. If these email don't include an unsubscribe link, you can report the sender to the FCC.

Is your work email something easy to figure out? [email protected]. Spammers often times just bulk email to easy to figure out email addresses in hopes of the email going through.

Was there another [email protected] that might've had this email address before you came along and actually signed up for this stuff?

Lastly, the only way to tell who is signing you up for this, if it's a coworker is to have the network admin review logs and find out who is surfing to sites where email signups may occur.

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