Cody Robertson Staff asked 4 years ago

I am having trouble logging in to my host server with puTTy and Im wondering if its because my IP keeps changing. I saw in a post on here a question similar to mine and the reply was a link to dyn.com. Is the service dyn.com provides a logical solution, or is asking my ISP to provide a static IP better? Or what?

Below is a copy of the post I saw here:

Sometimes the error response from puTTy is:server unexpectedly closed network connection, and other is: disconnected-no supported authentication methods avail (server sent public_key).
software called Putty to bypass Websense or the firewall.
However, by using putty, you need to put the IP address of your home pc. If my home pc's IP address constantly changes, then the connection wont be established at all (I havent tried, but i think there wont be any connection because i observed the hope IP always changes).
Do you know any way to work around this problem?

Thank You!

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question Leafed.

"I am having trouble logging in to my host server with puTTy and Im wondering if its because my IP keeps changing."

Are you referring to a hosting company that you are trying to connect to or your home server from a remote location?

Also, what protocol are you using, SSH perhaps?

If your using PuTTY/SSH, you first need to setup the server to accept the connection. Depending on the server and who operates it, it may require a static IP but doesn't have to. It may also require specific credentials from your end.

If your trying to log into a server at your home with PuTTY, a static IP would help but is not required. You simply need to know what it is when you connect and hope it doesn't change while your on. You would also have to setup a port forward in your router for the protocol you are using. SSH is port 22 by default but can be changed to anything you want. The server will also have to be setup to accept the remote connection.

I run a webserver at my home and have it setup to accept SSH but on a different port. I also have my hosts file on the server setup to only accept connections from specific IP Addresses. If I want to access it from somewhere that is not listed in the hosts file, I have to VPN to a specific location to get into my server.

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