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xxhaimbondxx asked 2 years ago

I have a little bit a dilemma for the past 3 years with setting up my nanny cam to be viewed remotely through my Nokia cell phone. As of now, I am able to stream it on a cell phone via Realplayer using my local IP at my home. I am also able to view it remotely on a computer by using an account I set up with However, I still don't know how to apply the same settings that allow me to stream it at home, when I am away.

Here an example of the streaming link for realplayer: rtsp://

I am also able to view still images by using this line on the phone's browser: http//

Logic tells me that all I have to do is substitute the local IP with the public IP address to have this going, however, how do I determine a public IP of a camera? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 2 years ago

You can use port forwarding to do this. Please have a read at this article. [url][/url]

A word of caution: Portforwarding is easy to understand once you have it working. However figuring it out with your equipment will take a little determination and tenacity from you.

The end result will be that you'll have a name (such as that you can browse from anywhere on the web. When you approach that site, it'll resolve to your machine. In the configuration panel for your router (or modem), you'll tell that device to forward to You'll almost certainly want to allocate static IP addresses on your LAN.

There are a couple of traps to avoid:
1) Put your modem into bridge mode (tell him to pass everything to the router for handling). Either the modem or the router can do the job - and the other one should be simply a bridge. I've always chosen to set bridge mode in the modem.

2) It's almost impossible to test this from home and a trip to the library's a good way. Of course you'll be able to use your phone without leaving home. The point is, forwarding happens between the internet and your local network - so to test it, you have to use a device that is outside of the local network.

If you want to discuss this more, please come back and I'll be happy to help you make this work.


Steve Bonilla Staff answered 2 years ago

[QUOTE=xxhaimbondxx;4144]Here an example of the streaming link for realplayer: rtsp://

For this to work from the outside, you'll need to forward port 8554 to the cam, and then use rtsp://:8554:video.3gp

This assumes that everything is done on the one port.

[QUOTE=xxhaimbondxx;4144]I am also able to view still images by using this line on the phone's browser: http//[/QUOTE]

For this to work, you need to forward port 80, just like the above example.

Problem is, if you are using a residential connection, port 80 is likely blocked.

To get around this, us an alternate port that forwards to port 80 of the cam host- this is supported with MOST (not all!) routers.

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