Public ip keeps changing

cefy asked 3 years ago

For some reason my external ip changes every once in a while. As far as I know everything is staying the same, and I leave my modem on.

Is it a problem with my ISP (centurylink) or my computer itself...? It makes it really difficult trying to connect to my workplace through ssh because of the firewall there.

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question cefy.

CenturyLink rotates IP's intentionally for what they call customer security (it's really no more secure then a consistent IP, it just makes some people feel better). You are usually in a bank of about 10 IP's so the same IP's will rotate randomly. CenturyLink does have the ability to assign a "sticky" IP (works like a static IP) to you based on the MAC address of the modem's WAN or DSL port. They usually will do that for people that have home security cameras and, like you, people that SSH or VPN to work and need a consistent IP. You would either need to call CenturyLink to arrange the sticky IP or have your IT people at work add the ten or so IP's you will use to the hosts allow file.

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