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Joshua Xiong asked 3 years ago

There are many others way where you can change your IP address and by pass Bans. But the fastest way is to use a proxy. A proxy is an ip address that take cover and blend with your real ip. Showing the proxy instead of your IP is the most way nobody will find where you're from like normal users like you. It may show you're from China or from Australia even though you're living in the United States. Using proxy are not illegal and are easy to use.

To use a proxy on Firefox. Go to Tools --> Options(Hold Alt + T and press O.) Go to advance tab ---> Network tab ---> [Setting] ---> Manual Proxy Configuration.

Check/tick on Use this proxy for all protocol.
Click [OK]

Put in for the follwing:
Http Proxy: and for Port: 8118

Go to and your ip will be changed. You were successful!

For Internet Explorer. Go to Tools ---> Internet Option ---> Connections ---> [LAN Setting] (Which can be find at the bottom of the small window)
Check/tick on Use a proxy server for your LAN
Put in for the follwing:
Address: and Port: 8118
Go to It will show you are from Japan. If it does then you were successfully connected to a proxy.


All proxy always don't work. Some may be slower then some and some proxy are dead. You'll never know when a proxy might go dead. That proxy won't work anymore. But it may work in the far future.

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