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gf4456 asked 3 years ago

I'm running through a proxy using foxyproxy and when I go to WIMI I get this

Your IP Address Is: 6*.165.14.***
Other IPs Detected: 12*.245.211.2
Possible Proxy Detected: 1.0 none:8080 (Topproxy-2.0/)

The asterisks I inserted. The first one is my real IP and the second is the proxy and I'm not sure what the possible proxy line means.

But the question is How does WIMI se my real IP if I'm going to WIMI using a proxy? Does that mean any URL could record my real IP and the proxy?

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

We use several different methods to obtain your real IP. It really depends on how the proxy you go through is set up.

It looks like foxyproxy is using port 8080 and topproxy for their software side of things.

But yes, even though you're behind a proxy, sites can still get your real IP address. If you try another proxy, come to our site and get an IP other than your own, then you should be good.....but let me emphasize "should". There are tons of detection methods that we don't have in place simply for the lack of users coming to us using those methods. So we don't detect every single proxy.

Your best bet would probably be to use a vpn type of service. But in the end, they'll log your IP address so if you do any malicious and the activity gets traced back to them, they'll review their logs and see it was you.

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