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Paranoid asked 3 years ago

A person who I am not on good terms with has gotten ahold of my IPs and email. This person is a mod/admin and owner of a site I used to frequent.

Lately I've been getting multiple pop ups, numerous web pages opening, and trojans and adware attacking my computer. Without going into detail, I am 100% certain this person is behind this.

What can I do to protect my PC?

Should I be worried about contents on my hard drive being accessed and personal information being stolen?

Can this person view my web history?

Without any hard evidence can I report this person to either my ISP or law enforcement?

I'm sorry I cannot go into more detail, but this person is crazy. I did not bring this upon myself.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The name Paranoid fits very well. 😀

In all seriousness, you need to run a couple of programs. First, run Ad-Aware by It's a free program and is very good while not being too tasking on your processor.

Next, run Spybot Search & Destroy.

You also need to make sure you haven't installed any toolbars or other foreign software to cause the popups. If you us Internet Explorer, install Firefox and see if the popups still happen.

Do you have a router in place? A router will act as a firewall even though Windows XP and up will have one built in and protect you, a router is probably a better choice simply because it gives you one more layer of protection at a very low cost.

I doubt this person you're not on good terms with is causing this to happen. Most likely, the only thing they could've done is to sign you up for a bunch of newsletters and you happen to click on one of the links in the email which installed something that allows the popups, etc.

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