Problems Setting Up A DB-Power IP Camera

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Winch asked 3 years ago

I've recently been asked to setup a couple of these cameras for a friend.

The Camera connects OK to the Ethernet and will connect wirelessly too. I can view the camera and control it in both modes.

I have setup a DDNS Server with and all the settings have been accepted in the DDNS Settings Menu of the camera software.

It's the UPnP Settings which are giving problems it seems if I check the box for "Using UPnP to Map Port" then I get an error message in Device Info which says "UPnP Failed: Device System Error" and if I don't have it checked then you get "No Action" in Device Info.

I've tried and got similar results with 2 separate PCs one running Windows XP and the other running Windows 7.

Hopefully I've given all the relevant details required to be able to get these to work so they can be viewed remotely.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Winch.

When you refer to "Using UPnP to Map Port", where are you doing that, in your router?

Not knowing what the exact system and configuration is, I can only offer general information. If these cameras are expected to be visible on the Internet, you don't need UPnP, you only need to forward the port in the router to the cameras or to the computer that controls them.

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