Problem with SA-MP 0.3 C Server?

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Tabler asked 3 years ago

Greetings to all WIMI forum members, My nickname is Tabler. I have a question regarding a third party mod i.e SA-MP 0.3C. Ok so I play on this SA-MP 0.3C gaming server and I am not able to join because they have placed some kind of ban. I can't join the server even after changing my ip through a vpn. What kind of ban could this be? Is it a HID ban? Please check the SA-MP 0.3C game mod and let me know if there is any kind of HID(Unique Hardware Id Banning System) banning in that game. The problem is that I cannot join the server even after changing my ip through four different ranges using VPN proxies. Some kind of Hardware ID ban? I have been playing on that server since 2 years and have never encountered such a problem before. I spoke to one of the admins and they said that the head of the management attatched a portal between the server and the forum. But is this an IP ban or a HID Ban(Unique Hardware Id Banning System)? Please help

Thank You

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

When you change your IP is it something completely different than what you have now?

Let's say your IP is and when you use the VPN your IP changes to may not be enough of a change.

Are there cookies that can be deleted?

Could it be tied to a username?

In any event, if a simple change won't get you back in, then obviously the admin of the game server doesn't want you there....not sure why...that's not up to us to figure out. If the case is that the admin doesn't want you there, then we're not going to help you bypass their security measures.

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