Problem with porf forwarding, help please

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johnjohnsonver asked 3 years ago


I've tried to forward my port.

When I type 192,168,1,1 , nothing appears.

Can somebody help me, please

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey J

You'll have to tell us a little more so we can help you. IP address are dott'ed, not comma'ed and where are you typing this?

I've written an article about port-forwarding. A word for the wise: you'll probably need a good deal of enthusiasm, perseverance and determination to get port-forwarding to work.

Anyway, have a read at the article and we'll try to help you from there:


Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I know that some devices will want IP Addresses expressed octet by octet, with commas separating each one, but in general, that's not usually how an IP address is expressed. Outside of those devices (and they are relatively rare, as I recall), an IP address and port are expressed like this:

192,168.1.1 is the IP address, 21 is the port. And many home devices, especially those you can setup using a Web browser, will have a completely separate blank for identifying the port number.

Perhaps if you provided some additional detail, someone could give you some step-by-step help? What is it you're trying to do this for? Gaming? Web server? FTP? Something else? And what device is going to do the forwarding (make and model#, please)?

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