Problem with getting VOIP device working

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von bismarck asked 3 years ago

Hello guys, to start i need to inform am not really an IT guy, i know very little about IT, so please bear with me if my questions seems stupid to you guys. Thanks.
I am based in Ireland and my ISP is Vodafone. I have got 2 static IPs, one is assigned to my router and the other i intended to use in a VOIP device. However, the device is just not working although am sure all configurations are properly done! Also, i have noticed that when i type in the static IP am using for the VOIP device, in the web browser, all i get is "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". Being a static IP, shouldnt we be able to type it anywhere in the world and the IP details should show up?

I have been told by Vodafone that they do not support VOIP....does that make any sense?

Can anybody help or advise me?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Putting in the static IP from the outside might not get you anything - your ISP might be blocking port 80 which wouldn't allow anything to pass through if you just put in http:// in a browser - so that's not a conslusive troubleshooting step, really

I have little experience with VOIP devices, but I did use a Vonage device for a while. I just plugged it in and as long as it had a path to the internet it would work.

Do you have any more info to share about the hardware devices you are using? Model numbers?

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