Problem Configuring All In One Hp Printer

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Router ConfigurationProblem Configuring All In One Hp Printer
cthompson asked 4 years ago

I have installed an HP 8500A all in one printer. When I hook it up with ethernet cable to the router I can print but am not able to scan. I have disabled firewalls and am able to print, scan and fax using a USB connection but need to be able have wireless capability as there are other computers in the office that need to use the same printer. Can anyone tell me if the router needs to be reconfigured to allow this newer model printer. I am running Windows 7.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

HPs are kind of tricky.

You will need to assign the printer a static IP.

Then you'll need to install the HP software on each computer that needs to use it. Once the software tells you to add a printer just put in the static IP you've assigned to the printer via the TCP/IP settings in the printer software.

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