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petit534 asked 3 years ago

I was recently on a forum where the bantering started to get a little heated. It was one of those "hate" places where I should not have been but kept going back like a moth to the flame. When I read the posts, I just felt like I needed to say something in defense of the people they were bashing. Eventually, a mod I guess, started addressing me by my real name and making references to other websites that I had frequented. This caused a much do they know and HOW do they know it??? When I asked how they got this information, they not only didn't answer but banned me from the site and the forum. I have since been able to access the site but still banned from the forum...even when I try to log in with a different email address and name.
I don't really care to participate in that forum again but just curious about how all of this works. Someone told me about the "IP". When you sign up for a forum, can they trace your IP and get this private information? Is it even legal for them to disclose your personal information on the forum?
Thank you so much for your help?

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

I am rather surprised by your story. However there are a several lessons I hope you take from this experience:

1) You are never as anonymous as you might think you are, when you are on the internet.

2) Please never get involved in any kind of verbal exchange on the internet - or anywhere else for that matter.

3) It's unlikely that the admins or moderators on the forum from which you were banned, have been able to figure out who you are by invading your computer in any way. However they have been to some trouble to find out who you are. Beware.

However I also note a trace of remorse in what you have written. Moreover you wouldn't admit any of this to us if you didn't feel some regret. I hope you'll keep out of this kind of trouble in future.


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