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Dave Carr asked 3 years ago

I'm sorry if this is not encouraged but I found this question from searching and it's pretty much exactly the question I have:

"I have ATT U-Verse..2Wire Gateway 3800HGV-B Modem/Router...I do have a dynamic IP (I called ATT and asked)..and from this site I found out that my IP is given from my Router not external...I have gone into my Modem (Home Network) and all it seems to have about my MAC is MAC Filtering...nothing about cloning...I also can manually put in a MAC address but didn't want to mess anything up with that...

i have tried doing the ipconfig stuff..have tried turning on and off my modem...have tried using TMAC (freeware to change my MAC)...and now i'm out of options it seems..I of course could have done one of these I am wondering if anyone here has the same service as I do and has successfully changed their IP??

Thanx for any help u can give me"

I didn't seem to find the answer to the question in the response that was given.

I was hoping for an answer like, yes it can be done by doing......or by reading this.......or even, no, it's just not possible.

If the only way to do it is by removing power for x amount of hours then I'll do it. I hate trying that method if even IT will not work as I am not the only person in the house and don't want yelled at if it may not be the answer either.

Thank you so much and please believe me, I have searched and searched for the answer to this question.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for joining the forum.

I had the fortunate experience of having U-Verse for about 4 months while doing an extended stay at a friends house out in LA.

Here's my take on U-Verse. IT SUCKS! Speeds were unreliable at best.

I tried many things to make the connection faster, and no dice.

Also tried changing the IP on that system and no dice there either.

To my knowledge, you're out of luck. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 🙁

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