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ttecht asked 3 years ago

I suspect my computer is being spied on so i will format my pc and change my modem.Is there any information (like my ip address) or method this person can use to find or monitor my computer again?I changed my ip adress already but i found out there is something called mac adress on the modem so i will change my modem.Should i change my internet service provider too in case there are more adresses or data of this kind?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question ttecht.

There are a lot of way that people can "spy" on you. Not all of the involve using a computer.

In my opinion, changing your modem, if it's cable or DSL, won't really improve your security. I am not aware of a way to find a modem based on it's MAC address unless you work directly for an ISP. If your using a decent router with a firewall and connecting to it by wire instead of wireless, you have about as much security as everyone else. If your using wireless and feel that someone is seeing what you do, they are probably getting in through the wireless connection but to actually "see" what your doing on your computer would require some type of sharing software to be installed on your computer.

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