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juggler asked 3 years ago

I spent a long time trying to get remote access to a Swann DVR with security cameras at my 2nd home. After finally getting the images on my I-phone through the swann app, then logging off I lost it because my ISP changes the ip address everytime I log on and the DVR uses only one. Does everyone who remotley accesses their home network have to have a static ip address? Is DHCP the answer? It's a small town DSL and I'm not sure about the static deal or how much it will be. Some one told me I could get my netgear router to stay on line all the time so the ip would not change. Please help if you can. Thanks! 😕

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question juggler.

A lot of the DSL ISP's are rotating IP's for some reason. I suspect that if you call them you can have them turn that off by telling them what your needs are. Another reason people ask to have that turned off is for security camera systems.

ascension2020 answered 3 years ago

You might want to try a dynamic DNS solution. DTDNS and DynDns are both solution that I've used that are free and work really well.
What dynamic DNS does is this:
1. You create an account on their Web site
2. You choose a username and domain. For example, I might choose http://ascension2020.dyndns.org (that's not the one I actually use; if that's a real URL then it's not in use by me)
3. You put the username and password in your router
4. Every time your IP address changes your router contacts the dynamic DNS server and lets it know the new address.
5. Every time you want to connect to your home computer you put in the domain you selected. I.e., http://ascension2020.dyndns.org, or dtdns.net, etc.
I'm not familiar with the Swann app, but if it allows you to put in domain names instead of just IPs then dynamic DNS would be a solution that's free.
Alternatively, as Shnerdly suggested, you could try giving your ISP a call. Sometimes they'll give out static IPs for free upon request. Even if they charge you it's usually just a few $ per month. If dynamic DNS won't work for you or you don't want to go through the hassle of setting it up then a static IP is a great solution.
P.S. - Your IP can change even when you leave your connection on constantly. Power outages, outages with your Internet provider, network maintenance, or just the DHCP lease expiring can all cause your IP to change. However, if you leave it always on then it will probably not change very often.

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