possible to find out my old IP addresses?

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ejl1989 asked 4 years ago

hey i recently tried logging into my hotmail account and (this is something ive never experienced before) instead of taking me to my inbox it took me thru a security clearance thing where it showed that there were several attempts of people trying to access my email. two were from china, so right away i know those were malicious, but for those ones it said their attempts failed due to failing to get the password right, so luckily they were denied access. but there are a couple more that did succeed, but it shows their location being the same as mine, so those very well might have been me. but the IP it lists for those attempts is different than the one I currently have, so I'm trying to find out if it's at all possible to some way find out what your past IP addresses have been. if anyone knows how to find out, or if this is even possible or not, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. thank you.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question ejl1989.

Your ISP would have records of all of your past internet activity including your IP's. Getting them to give you the information may be a challenge though.

If you currently have access to your hotmail account, I would strongly recommend changing your password multiple times per day for a couple of days then once every couple of days a few times to make sure the attempts stop.

When making you password, it's not as much the length of the password as the complexity of it that makes it secure. There are four elements that can be used in a password. Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers and Symbols. I recommend using at least two of each of the four elements. I usually make my passwords at least 10 characters in length and relate them to something I can remember like "doorknob" or "[email protected]&N0b"

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