Port Scanning.

heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

Does anyone know of any valid reason why the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre would be doing this:

"Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's TCP ports:
8080, 8000, 1080, and 6588 have been scanned from"

What purpose would that serve and what could be on those ports that would be of any interest them? It's only a personal computer so what could they be looking for?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

They're really just looking for open ports. They take the first IP in a block, scan for the open ports, then move on to the next IP....they really don't care whether or not it's a personal computer.

Those ports are commonly used for:
8080 - Alternate to port 80 when web hosting. This is a common port for proxies

8000 - Shoutcast & Malware

1080 - SOCKS Proxy

6588 - AnalogX Proxy

Do you not have a router in place to act as a firewall or do you connect your internet directly to your computer and use a software firewall?

Also, not sure how this was reported to you. If it was via email then obviously it's a scam and they want you to buy something of theirs. However, if it was firewall software or something similar, then it's a legitimate scan but anyone can do that really. Google 'angry IP'. It's a nifty little program I've used in the past to check open ports on our servers. Web based port scanners usually only allow you to scan your own IP and not someone elses.

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