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Miguel Jimenez asked 3 years ago

A couple of months ago i started using Skype to take an online course. After a couple of weeks i was sent a request to chat from a person i did not know. Unfortunately, i accepted the invitation. I was asked what OS system and what type of PC i was using. (Windows 7, Dell such and such notebook).
We started texting over the next couple of days. While texting with this person i was alerted by the McAffee antivirus firewall that a certain IP address was probing my pc through various ports.
Since then, my pc has been probed daily by numerous pcs using various ports. All probes have been rejected by the system but my fear is that eventually one of these programs will get through the McAffee firewall.
Recently i reset the IP address of my router, a new IP address was assigned, but the probing continued. How is this possible? What can i do to stop these hackers from probing my PC?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Sounds like they've got malware installed on your computer that reports to them with new IP information so they can continue to probe.

My suggestion is to install and run Spybot and see if that corrects the issue.

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