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Wolfeh asked 3 years ago

Hey guys, I have a 2wire router and i am attempting to set up a basic Web Server with Wamp... But it all goes good until i cant reach my site from the Internet.. I type in the public IP and nothing comes up. I tried Port Forwarding not sure if i did it right but nothing likes to work. The only possible i can reach my site is using my Internal Ip my private one and LocalHost and i know the server in online ready for viewers.. I would love to get this solved heres some info on my setup

Windows 7 , 2wire 2701hg-s Router and my ISP does not block port 80.. I checked ...

If i can get some help with this it would be great.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for posting the model number. That's a HUGE help for us!

Found this link

Skip the initial steps regarding BitTorrent. Then follow the steps pertaining to your router. Only difference will be you'll use TCP and port 80.

There's also a spot for the firewall that looks like it'll need to be checked as well.

I've played with Windows 7 briefly but know for a fact there is a firewall that comes installed with the O/S. You'll need to make sure that it allows port 80 requests to come through.

Half the battle is done since you can pull up the page internally. Port forwarding looks like the obstacle here, but I'm sure we can get you up and running.

Here's a good tool to help you determine if the port is open http://www.portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm

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