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ubowl asked 3 years ago

Ok first iam a newbie at this, I have read alot and asked alot of questions and still cant figure this out. I have a video survaillance program thats not listed on my routers add list to open the right port. if i get on my laptop WHILE IN MY HOUSE and enter my host IP i can view my cameras but when i leave my house i enter the same IP and get nothing.So now the internal IP and the external IP is different i know this but when i input my external IP (router) I get the Fairpoint router setup screen what do I have to do to first find the right port to open and what do I enter in my laptop to be able to view my cameras. I hope i gave all the pertinate info.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

sounds like the cameras are listening on port 80... normally i would say just forward port 80 from the router to the camera but it sounds like the router might also have its web interface on the same port

in that case, probably forwarding some random port (34343 for example) to 80 of the camera will work

then you use http://your-external-ip:34343 to access it

im making some assumptions in that, so that might not be 100% accurate

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