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Aquious asked 3 years ago

Hi guys,

I've been playing around with Ubuntu server, and have decided to make my own web server (personal cloud and website)

I've successfully given the server a static IP which i've confirmed by pinging google and downloaded packages but im at the point where i need to configure remote access.

Because i've had my current ISP for over 4 years, whom originally supplied me with a generic modem/router combo (which is proving difficult to port forward), i subsequently bought a wireless router, which was my quick and easy answer for WAN access.

Now that im interested in my own server, my research has told me that this has created two firewalls to get through in regards to port forwarding.

So my question is (without reconfiguring my WAN router to be purely an access point) is there a way to port forward through both, or should i just go and buy a DIY wireless modem/router combo.

If the latter, could you recommend some good WAN modem combos that would be adequate for my needs.

Thanks in advance,

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

You should be able to disable the Router/Firewall in the Modem/Router combo by putting it in bridge mode. Then the Modem is just a Modem and you can configure your Wireless Router as you wish.

If you decide to purchase a new Modem, I would recommend that you get a Modem only, Not a Modem/ Router combo unit.

FYI: When you use a Modem/Router combo unit, you sacrifice personal security in the process. With the combo units, the ISP has access to the firewall from the Internet side of the unit. This is contrary to the point of the Firewall which is supposed to block ALL unsolicited inbound access except where you allow it by port forwarding. If the ISP has access from the Internet, someone else will eventually gain access as well.

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