Please Help!!!!!

Baby asked 3 years ago

Ok so here it goes..........

I was a member of another particular forum, and had not been on there in a while. Well, I stopped going on it for a reason or two. I decided to come back briefly and signed up under a different user name. On my previous acct I always conducted at home. The new was done at my mothers in a different town 4 hours away. Well the administrators knew that I was the same person. How did they know that? It was two different IP addresses, so I am really baffled. Help!:eek:

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Maybe it's your aftershave! Beats me. That's spooky.

Were you using a computer on which you'd browsed that forum using your 'old' name. Perhaps there's a cookie in your browser which identifies you.

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